January 05, 2018
Intelligent Bag?

As a Project Manager in hitech company during the day, as a mom in afternoon, as a Pola V owner in parallel, I was tired of choosing between practicality and elegance when it came to my wardrobe: High-end brand names offered little functionality, while leisure brands lacked sophistication.

Just think of it. One bag that can change to several kinds of bags. Isn’t it amazing? With convertible bags, you don’t have to own several kinds of bags to fit your needs. You just need to change your bag style when you need it and you’re good to go!

My first Smart "baby" bag were born as a result of my seeking after solution for my personal needs to fit all daily activities.



Convertible bags have plenty of compartments and expandable areas

My convertible can be used for more than one occasion. There are several compartments for your belongings,  you can store your laptop in a bigger compartment and your car keys or purse in smaller areas. The bag can be easily converted from one type to another, for example from messenger to backpack or to shopper bag. 

Convertible bags are good value for money

Any frugal people here? This kind of bag is THE bag for you! Convertible bags are adjustable to several kinds of bags, so you don’t have to spend your money on different bags for your daily life.

Color is a statement 

Using a usual black-brown-grey colors are out!

Accessories can make or break your look. When choosing fashion accessories to match your outfit, consider the color, scale and style of the pieces, and keep the occasion in mind.

Let the bag adjust to you, not you to the bag!



Pola Vaisberg