Hi, My name is Pola - nice to meet you .
I was born in Russia and migrated to Israel when I was 19.
It was hard and complicated to find my way in a new country for 10 years, graduated computer science, started with my hi-tech carrier, found love and got married.
I have 2 amazing children who make me happy each and every minute.

What else? A high-tec freak (17 years - WOW) I even gave birth to with a laptop in the delivery room :)
I love fashion, sports and gardening.
Sewing, painting and sculpturing from a very young age(around 3)
Today I work at Amdocs, leading projects and people around the globe, living in a totally virtual world and on the other hand I continued with manual creativity (crafts, painting, sewing, knitting and gardening) that completed the need to express the artist in me.
In the past year, I turned my hobby into small business called PolaV ...

I Hope you enjoy my art works, they are all OOAK.

Looking forward seeing and hearing from you.